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One of the pioneers from the early days of personal computers, William Herd designed and managed several hugely successful product lines including the Commodore C128 and Commodore Plus 4 computers for Commodore Business Machines in the mid 1980’s.  Mr. Herd also served as project manager in conjunction with Cray Research and also ADP where he established a history of successfully managing extensive projects and large budgets.  He firmly believes that any project correctly planned can be properly implemented.  His wide range of experience gives him a unique insight into how attitude, determination and fortitude can directly result in a successful outcome.

Mr. Herd started InterActive Network Systems  in 1995 and had grown it into one of the region’s most successful business solution providers in Southern New Jersey maintaining the networking, security, and connectivity for over 50 schools and libraries including the Gloucester County Library System and the County of Gloucester. Herd’s expertise extended to high reliability eCommerce solutions, Enterprise Content Management Systems, and a suite of eBusiness applications and modules that included intranets, extranets, portals, and CRMs.  Mr. Herd also owned and maintained a state-of-the-art Datacenter and Multistate Wide Area Network.

In addition to being recognized for his early work in computer and IC design, Mr. Herd is well known for his networking and business technology expertise and serves as principal Network Security Architect and as the principal Business Technology consultant. He also held several high level security and network certifications remains a member of the High Tech Crimes Investigation Association. Mr Herd has worked with state and federal law enforcement officials as a networking and security expert and remains highly proficient in NCIC and Emergency Management networking technologies.

History and Capabilities – Bil Herd
  • Founder/CEO
    • Technology Solutions Company – 19 Years
      • Early developer of E-Commerce technologies
        • Customers realized revenue in excess of $60 million/year utilizing custom designed solutions.
      • Early Developer of E-Business
        • Supply Chain Management
        • Asset/Inventory Integration
        • Global Intranet Developer
        • Content Management System(CMS) Developer
        • ERP/CRM/Legacy Integration
      • Web Channel Marketing Management
        • High level web solutions
        • Integrated DB/CMS structure
        • Marketing and usability centered solutions
      • Information System Developer
        • Scalable enterprise level information management system
        • Supports ASP model hosting and revenue creation
      • Payroll Processing System Developer
        • Scalable payroll processing system supports
        • Supports ASP model hosting and revenue creation
      • Security and Business Technology Consultation.
        • Network and business process integration.
        • Asset protection and security infrastructure.
      • Internet Service provider – 12 Years
        • Multi-state Wide Area Network built on ATM backbone rivaling current day MPLS deployments.
        • Redundant Enterprise Database core driving Ecommerce sites realizing $60 million revenue per year. Enterprise SQL driven.
        • High automation and data driven procedures outperforms today’s carrier class organizations for proficiency.
        • Security specialization, agent for law enforcement as situation dictated. Infolog Security rated.
        • Scalability and reliability. Six nines reliability.
        • Specializing in multi-megabit service to school and municipal governments.
  • CTO/Director/Manager/Lead of Engineer Dept/Group
    • Design and implementation of multi-state WAN utilizing ATM, MPLS, Frame Relay and SMDS technologies.
      • Self funding, multi-state buildout of service provider WAN.
      • Early High security, segmented traffic models rivaled later day MPLS networks.
      • Accomplished Security and Network Engineering Credentials with emphasis on enterprise networking and security.
      • Creation of Enterprise level Data Management Systems, developed E-Commerce and Content Management Systems in late 90’s well ahead of then current technology.
      • E-Business consultant to global companies involved in multinational ERP integration.
      • Past consultant to NJ State Police High Tech Crimes Division.
  • Direct Design and Management of many consumer and commercial products over a 30 year career
    • Early designer of microprocessor based instrumentation – late 1970’s, early 1980’s
    • Senior engineer working at largest developers of Home Computers in early to mid 1980’s.
    • Specialized in design for high quantity design from conception. Implemented Japanese production methodology from onset. Learned Japanese for better communication during process.
    • Design of NTSC and video systems – Computers, cameras, DSP
    • Hi integration – custom IC, Standard Cell, PLA/PLD, PGA, FPGA designs
    • Ultrasonics including swimming pool intrusion, vehicle backup sensor, loss prevention DSP with height detection.
    • High integration of hardware terminal computer – 5.5 cubic feet to dual MCA bus cards
    • Single chip DSP – Currency Reader
    • CRAY SMD buss analyzer, peripheral diagnostics.
    • Integrated G-Force measurement
    • Digital Weighing Instrumentation.
    • Hostile Environment including steam washdown Food/FDA considerations.
    • FCC/UL compliancy, emission and susceptibly design and compliance
  • Technical Expertise (includes past certifications):
    • High level networking engineer - CCDP, CCNP, CCS1 (Security), Wireless, VOIP
    • WAN – MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay, DSx technologies - State-wide high reliability WAN network
    • Scalable, Reliable, Core Server Structure design and implementation – Unix, MS
    • NCIC, E-Team, 911 TAC Preparedness
    • Unix and Microsoft expert including virtualization and MS Server 2008 Enterprise technologies.
    • All aspects of Data Center design and management including redundancy, reliability, and security.
    • All aspects of hardware design: Discreet through high integration, analog through digital.
    • Early Personal Computer Hardware: Commodore Plus Four Series (5 models), Commodore C-128, Commodore LCD
    • Early adopter of computer generated speech, worked with TI Speak and Spell developers
    • Digital Imaging expertise – Distributed and centralized DSP processing models, integrated DSP camera design, scalable vision system design
    • Analog, RF, IC, FPGA, Hi-speed digital design and most all subfields.
    • VHDL/Verilog/AHDL Design and Simulation
    • Co-author of patent in Machine Vision
  • Sample of the organizations worked / consulted for:
    • Commodore Business Machines
    • Cray Research
    • Coleco
    • ADP/IBM
    • AW Computer Systems/Winn Dixie
    • Computer Based Imaging Technology (CBIT)
    • Edmund Scientifics/Edmund Optics
    • County of Gloucester, New Jersey
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • Gloucester County College

Military service:

 1980–1982: 103rd Medical Battalion - 28th Division Pennsylvania Army National Guard
 1977–1980: 238th Cavalry - 38th Division Indiana Army National Guard

  1981: Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service.

  Voluntary and Paid Health Care:

  •  1989–1996: Fellowship First Aid Squad -Mount Laurel NJ: Captain/President 1991–1993
  • Cooper Trauma Center - Camden, NJ: Trauma Technician
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